1. Mingxing's slogan
United, practical, innovative and consecratory.

2. Mingxing's spirit
United and cooperative, hardworking and thrifty and practical; pioneer and aggressive, dares to innovate; strictly manage, improve the quality; scrupulously abide by the work and responsibility, loyal and selfless .
3.Mingxing's aims
The moral behavior creates high-quality goods, coincidence increases benefit and dedication enhances the welfare.
4.Mingxing's style of work
Strict, cautious and practical; civilized and high efficiency.
5.Mingxing's principle
Base upon the good quality, promote by innovation; good faith oriented and serve sincerely.
6.Mingxing's idea
Quality idea-- do the best each time and create the best product every time.
Supervision idea --think systematacially, stick to team workthe, develop and innovate, and improve together.
Development idea - -thinks of danger in peace, thinks to make progress when in danger.
Talented person idea - -has both ability and moral character, promote those who are capable, demote those who are talentless and balance whose who are characterless.
Management idea -- quality first, safety first and the good prestige is
Service idea -- human oriented, sincerely respect customers.

Staff's behavior and morals standard :

Deeply loves the motherland, constructs the Four
Cares about MIngxing company, unitited and dedicated;
Obeys the law and discipline, pay attention to civilization;
Respects mutually, glad to help others;
Observes the order, and good mannered ;
Takes good care of public property, protects the environment;
Be enthusiastic to public welfare, cares other people;
Ready to help others for a just cause, maintains the stability;
transform outmoded habits and customs, advocates science;
Loves your work and be responsible to your job, do your duty;
High-quality service, equal competition;
Positive is enterprising, dig into your work;
Honest and upright, impartial and decorous;
The united and team working, takes the entire situation into account.

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